Meso American Folk Art

Immerse yourself in the culture of faraway worlds. 

For centuries, people living in the Oaxaca area of southern Mexico have been carving animals out of native copal wood.  In the villages along the valley bed and in the surrounding mountains, grandparents have given the treasured “animales” to their grandchildren as tokens of their love and rich heritage. Now popularly known as “alebrijes” or “little lively ones,” the brightly colored animals are increasingly sought after by tourists and collectors. The art form has been passed down from generation to generation, adapting to time and earning a place in folk art history.  

We have been exploring the wild worlds of Meso-America for 40 years, bringing back the best art pieces from the most talented artists in each country. We now work with the grandchildren of our original friends, and we continue to bring you their creative endeavors. Each piece is a one-of-a-kind treasure. Every purse - a work of art. Every animal - a spirit companion. 

Come with us. Wander our pages. Find your own piece of the magic!